The Forcefield Chip effectively reduces Electromagnetic Disturbances emitted from all digital devices including cell phones that emit Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMF)

Cell Phones transmit radio waves in all directions and tests have proven that cell phones disrupt blood flow and have the potential to do harm.

Individual Phone Chip
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  • Protection from aggressive mobile phone "EMF" Electro Magnetic Frequencies
  • Can be attached to any mobile phone
  • Your personalised promotional product
  • Scientifically tested
  • Swiss made quality product
  • Enhanced vitality and well-being
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TV EMF Protection


A television produce beside his normal "EMF" Electro Magnetic Frequencies a whole series of wave and "EMF" Electro Magnetic Frequencies types. Beside that TVs have the property of electrostatically charged during operation. Protect yourself from this "EMF" Electro Magnetic Frequencies with a Svitec Chip.

WiFi EMF Protection


WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) is simply and practical. Annoying cables fall away, nothing is in the way. However, fewer cables simultaneously mean more "EMF" Electro Magnetic Frequencies – more electrosmog. No matter where the device is placed. In the living room, kitchen, office or basement. Walls do not protect against "EMF" Electro Magnetic Frequencies.

Laptop and Tablet EMF Protection


Laptop and Tablets / I-Pads are the new e-smog pollution in our living- and bedroom. In the application, comfortable – and easy. Wherever you use them they communicate via radio, exchange data, they produce electromagnetic pollution.

Computer EMF Protection


Protect yourself. At your workplace and at home easily attach the chip to the PC. Protects against electrical smog!

Mobile Phone EMF Protection


The chip can be mounted on the outside or inside of the phone case. Just as well it can be mounted directly on the battery. Depending on what options you have at your device and where you want to place the chip.

Telephone EMF Protection


To reduce the smog in your living area you mount the transmitter and receiver with one chip. One on the phone, one on the charger. Its so easy to protect yourself.

Babyphone EMF Protection


Protect your offspring already in the young years from the electronic smog